In the process of setting up a website, there are certain functions or services that are either necessary, like your domain name, or really useful, like an SEO service.   We have compiled those that we either use on a regular basis, or have enough information about to confidently recommend them to you.   We are picky about who we choose because we want to only recommend what we feel are the best and most cost effective services. 

Full disclosure - we do make affiliate commission from some of these resources.

Tools For Your Website

Domain names by Namecheap


When you need a domain name for your website,  Namecheap has the right tools and great prices.  We have been working with them for many years now, and have found that their support is excellent, their website is easy to use, and we feel very comfortable working with them and recommending them. for images


123RF is our favorite source for images.  They have over 27 million images with new ones added all the time.  And they have most of the same images that more expensive image websites have.  You can pay as you go by using their On Demand payment choice to buy a number of credits.  The credits start at $1.00 each and since most of the images are available for 1 credit, this is a very cost-effective way to enhance your website.  


Sometimes a free theme just won't do.  Themify has a variety of themes that are affordable and well done.  In addition, they include a Builder to help make it easy to add special options and to create your website just the way you want it. Builder is also available as a plugin so you can use it with any theme you choose.