Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions here. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please use the Contact us tab to ask the question so we can be sure all your questions are answered.

1. Press the Purchase Hosting button and enter your domain name so we can set up your account correctly.  
2. Pay for your first month of hosting.  This will start your monthly automatically recurring hosting fee.

 If you don't have a domain name yet, please purchase your omain name here.   

You may be able to move your current website to our hosting service if your website is made with Wordpress.  There are ways to move a Wordpress website. If your website uses some other website software, you would need to recreate your website in Wordpress on our hosting service. 

Please contact us first to discuss your situation before setting up a hosting account with us.

Then you are one step ahead.  You will enter your domain in the ordering process.  Once your hosting plan is set up, we will instruct you how to point your domain to the hosting servers. 

Yes.  Your domain name is necessary to set up your hosting account.  If you don't have a domain name registered yet, register it here.

Your domain name is an asset to your business, just like a trademark is.  It's important that you control your business assets.  By keeping domain registration separate from your hosting account, you have independent control over your asset.

Yes.  Hosting fees are month-to-month fees, either $6/month for standard hosting, or $9/month for secure hosting. 

The recurring hosting fee is month to month so there is no contract.  You can cancel any time and your wervice will end at the end of the current paid month.  There is a link on our website to easily cancel your service.  

Monthly fees are not refundable.  However, you may cancel at any time and your subscription will terminate at end of the current paid month. 

Absolutely not.  We believe in being up front and open about all charges and costs.

No.  We think it's important to own and maintain control of your own domain names.  That way, there is never an issue if you decide to go to a different hosting service.  We do have an affiliate relationship with our preferred registrar which you can visit here.  They have low prices and great service.

We try to make it as easy as possible to get help when you need it.

Since Wordpress is easy to work with, we seldom experience anyone needing help with their updates.  If you're really pressed for time, or just don't want to bother with updates and changes, we do provide Webmaster Services to take care of those tasks for you.  We charge $30.00 an hour to make changes for you and bill you by Invoice at the end of each month that we do work for you. 

You will need to request this service from us.  Use the contact form on this website, or email

The monthly hosting fee is necessary to house your website on our server.  If you cancel your hosting account with us, your website will be disabled at the end of the current paid month.  We do everything possible to make sure you have downloaded or copied all your content before we disable your website.

We work with servers that are extremely dependable, but sometimes glitches happen.  If you are unable to access your website, let us know immediately!!  You may use our Contact Us form, email us at, or fill out the Report a Problem found on our website.

Chances are we will already know because we monitor everything closely and our own website is on the same server as well.  We will let you know the status and when a fix is expected to be completed.  We pride ourselves on having greater than 99% up time. 

At times, there may be some system-wide maintenance.  In that case, we will give you notice in advance when the down-time will occur and for how long.  Scheduled maintenance is always done at off-peak times (like on the slowest day of the week in the middle of the night).

We've been in business since 2008.  (Not a great year to start a business).  We started by doing specialty websites and quickly saw the need by micro businesses (meaning individual businesses, home businesses, and other very small businesses) for affordable websites.  

With the growing popularity of Wordpress and it's ease of use, we shifted our focus to providing a reasonable hosting and support option for small business websites.